“Why Reinvent the Wheel?”

Herschel R. Brown would be delighted to see what his one stringed musical instrument design and creation, the “canjoe”, has become. Herschel is the indisputable sole creator of the original basic design of the first ever unique one stringed instruments, called “canjoe”. In the earliest days of his making his very first canjoe instrument creations, I personally visited his shop. There, Herschel introduced them to me and gave me one. I still own that instrument which is clearly dated and indelibly marked with many of the earliest of my personal “Canjoe” premiere experiences; autographed signatures of Bill Monroe (Sept 7, 1995), Mac Wiseman, Jim & Jesse McReynolds, John Hartford, Little Roy Lewis, Raymond Fairchild, Dr. Ralph Stanley, Mike Snider, Fiddle great and friend, Jimmy Campbell, Clair Lynch, and many others; all who I personally met and of whom I played for or I actually performed with on stage, before they each signed it. Herschel loved all the publicity my public performances generated and attracted. Herschel also personally felt that his canjoe instruments should be standard issue for virtually everyone alive. He gave away hundreds of his own instruments to folks just because he thought they “needed” to have them. Herschel enthusiastically provided his instruments to kids in schools, too, giving whole class rooms his instruments. Anyway, over the past 17 years licensed and operating since 1994 as the CanJoe Company has seen many ‘canjoe’ moons. I’ve always been personally dedicated to providing only the highest quality in materials, with unequaled quality of craftsmanship, and each instrument made as custom and specific in design unique of every hand made CanJoe Company instrument. The simplicity and true functionality of Herschel’s original basic instrument design can not be easily improved on. The simple to play diatonic scale is perfect and the equally simple design makes the canjoe also the perfect stringed instrument for anyone to learn to play. The only improvement that can actually be be done from the basic instrument design is to improve on the quality of materials used to build the instrument and with the details in accuracy and the finish of the builds. The CanJoe Company has been continuously creating and providing these beautiful hand crafted and extreme quality musical works of art for the past 17 years now. In memory of Herschel’s own charitable uses of canjoes, the ‘Tour of Smiles’ is also dedicated to giving hundreds of CanJoe Company instruments to chronically ill patients in children’s hospitals. The ‘tour’ has been ongoing and remains very successful now for the past six years.
The original basic Herschel Brown design is so appealing in its simplicity and is so easy to play that truly anyone can learn to play one. The CanJoe Company uses the same basic original Herschel Brown design, for instance, to build the Deluxe special ‘Tour of Smiles’ model instruments that are made specifically to give to the chronic care patients in the children’s hospitals for use as “smile therapy”. The ‘Tour of Smiles’ instruments, too, are always made only in the highest quality of crafting possible. Regardless of the many, many thousands of instruments I’ve personally made or of any that I’ve now observed, no design alterations in any have yet proved superior to the original Herschel Brown basic design. “Why try to reinvent the a mousetrap when the original works the best?” Herschel’s original concepts and designs, to this day, still never fail. For more details on how to order and to own a GENUINE, AUTHENTIC CanJoe Company instrument, please call 423-323-0174.

About CanJoe*John

CanJoe*John began making and marketing the authentic 'canjoe' instruments from their origin. Introduced to them by their creator, Herschel R. Brown, in the early 1990s, John, from the beginning, helped Herschel manufacture them in Herschel's shop. John relocated back to his home state of TN in 1993 and continued, initially with Herschel's direct assistance, to make and market them, establishing the licensed sole proprietorship, the CanJoe Company, in 1994. As a professional musician CanJoe*John became billed as the "world's most unique musician, playing the world's most unique musical instrument, the canjoe" (aka, canjo). Always with his own personal canjoe instrument in hand he was awarded the adult "2007 Male Bluegrass Instrumentalist of the Year" by the North American Country Music Association International (NACMAI), and now having the distinction of being the first and only canjoe picker to ever perform on the Grand Ole Opry, has literally taken the one-stringed thing to the outer limits! CanJoe*John is a master craftsman and artist who designs, creates and crafts these instruments as custom works of musical fine art for those who respect and require the best of the best, truly genuine, original one-stringed musical instruments. He can be reached via email at canjoe@canjoe.com, or by phone at 423-612-4320.
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