40th Anniversary “Olde Frothingslosh” Electric Canjo

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Some ask, “Why does the CanJoe Company only offer and build custom orders?”. There are many reasons… The CanJoe Company of Blountville, TN officially first introduced these items to the market place and has been in continuous business and licensed since 1994. Establishing the cool one-stringed canjo musical instruments into a never before seen or heard by the world market was a very “hard row to hoe” endeavor; an extremely difficult and expensive one man effort. Though Hershel R. Brown was also simultaneously marketing his own mostly kit form design instruments by selling them through a wood working supply catalog, the CanJoe Company, (me), instead, often personally and physically met nearly every single buyer and sold each and every hand made and completed instrument as a face-to-face sale. There were also many who ordered their instruments by phone but, again, each of them were sold as result of person-to-person conversations while creating the orders. From the early years of the CanJoe Company, it was quickly discovered that nearly everyone wanted their own instruments to be completely unique to them. They often wanted specific woods or special cans, so, most orders completed and sold have been “custom” made all along. Many, over the years, who have acquired the original, authentic CanJoe Company instruments also have become very die hard loyal customers. There are a few who have purchased many instruments for their own personal collections with one individual now having fourteen (14) custom designed and hand crafted CanJoe Company instruments that he personally ordered and that he keeps as displayed in his own personal game room. Another die hard CanJoe Company instrument collector who loves his five (5) custom built instruments has also been directly responsible for the sales of over twenty five (25) other instruments (all custom designed) to his friends and relatives through referrals. The “Olde Frothingslosh 40th Anniversary” can now made into this custom electric instrument and fabricated from the fine, exotic spalted maple shown in the photo gallery above, was the most recent order placed as a birthday gift going to a man who had received his first acoustic CanJoe Company canjo instrument several years ago as a Christmas gift. These CanJoe Company instruments are NOT even remotely comparable to any of the wannabe items now being sold elsewhere to the public. For anyone interested in purchasing one of these genuine, original CanJoe Company instruments, a phone call or a personal visit to my shop is required…. The phone number to call is 423-323-0174.

About CanJoe*John

CanJoe*John began making and marketing the authentic 'canjoe' instruments from their origin. Introduced to them by their creator, Herschel R. Brown, in the early 1990s, John, from the beginning, helped Herschel manufacture them in Herschel's shop. John relocated back to his home state of TN in 1993 and continued, initially with Herschel's direct assistance, to make and market them, establishing the licensed sole proprietorship, the CanJoe Company, in 1994. As a professional musician CanJoe*John became billed as the "world's most unique musician, playing the world's most unique musical instrument, the canjoe" (aka, canjo). Always with his own personal canjoe instrument in hand he was awarded the adult "2007 Male Bluegrass Instrumentalist of the Year" by the North American Country Music Association International (NACMAI), and now having the distinction of being the first and only canjoe picker to ever perform on the Grand Ole Opry, has literally taken the one-stringed thing to the outer limits! CanJoe*John is a master craftsman and artist who designs, creates and crafts these instruments as custom works of musical fine art for those who respect and require the best of the best, truly genuine, original one-stringed musical instruments. He can be reached via email at canjoe@canjoe.com, or by phone at 423-612-4320.
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